Cryo-EM @ IST Austria

Currently, there are three groups working with cryo-EM at IST Austria. Follow the links to learn more about their research.

Carrie BerneckyBernecky Group

Leonid Sazanov Sazanov Group

Florian SchurSchur Group

The IST Austria cryo-EM facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, including

  • a 300 kV Thermo Scientific Titan Krios TEM (including a Volta phase plate a post-GIF Gatan K3 and a Falcon 3
  • a 200 kV Thermo Scientific Glacios TEM (including a Volta phase plate and Falcon 3)
  • a Thermo Scientific Aquilos cryo-FIBSEM
  • a Leica cryo-CLEM setup